Linux Hosting

Linux hosting

Linux is an operating system (OS) for computers, mainframes,supercomputers, network routers, servers, tablets, mobile devices, video game controllers, factory machines, some electronic watches etc. This OS is open source and absolutely free, therefore it is very popular. The ability to implement it by anyone made this operating system reliable and easy to use for the professional administrators. Linux has evolved in 1991 and was based on UNIX – another server administration operating system. During 20 years of development, Linux has become the most popular server and hardware management OS in the world. World’s 10 best and most powerful supercomputers also run Linux as their primary operational system. This proves that Linux is one of the greatest OS.
Linux OS management require the deep knowledge of server administration, therefore it is highly recommended to use it with the help of a true Linux professional as in most cases it does not have graphical interface. Command lines are used instead therefore it may cause some difficulties for the beginner users.

Linux OS is a light weight ans fast operating system which enables server and other devices to work properly and use all the applications at the biggest efficiency as possible. That’s why it is used in such a tiny machines as electronic watches, GPS devices, mobile phones where operating resources are minimal.
Linux OS is safe and reliable, it has a great protection against the harmful computer viruses, Trojans and malware. That’s another reason, why it is so popular in server administration. The latest Linux distribution is called Ubuntu and it also has a GUI (graphical user interface) which looks like Windows, but is much more stable and light weight. Linux Ubuntu is used as an alternative to Microsoft Windows in personal computers, laptops and tablet computers. Servers usually use not graphical interface of Linux.

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